How Bad Pruning Cuts Harm Your Trees in Cornelius, NC

May 27, 2024

You know that pruning your tree is good for its health, but did you know there’s a wrong way to prune branches? Bad pruning cuts can actually do more harm than good. That’s why it’s crucial for you to know how to properly prune your trees. 

Better yet, schedule trusted tree services in Cornelius, NC with Ed Brooks Tree Service. We know how to properly prune trees and make sure they have everything they need to thrive. For now, let’s take a look at what improper pruning techniques can do to your trees. 

What Bad Pruning Cuts Do to Your Trees

One bad cut won’t necessarily ruin your tree’s health but consistently using bad pruning techniques can harm your tree over time. Here’s how:

Overpruning Causes Stress for Your Tree

Cutting too much off can cause stress for your tree and impact its growth.  Your tree should have enough leaves and branches to absorb sufficient sunlight and photosynthesize. Cutting away too much means your tree can’t store enough energy, and that leads to greater risks of pests and tree diseases thanks to a weakened structure. 

Lion-Tailing Makes Your Tree More Susceptible to Wind Damage

What’s lion-tailing? It’s when you take off too many lower branches and leave the tree looking top-heavy. This not only impacts the tree’s aesthetics but also makes it more susceptible to issues like sun scald and wind damage. 

Topping Can Cause Decay

Some bad pruning cuts can actually encourage decay. Topping is when you cut off too many large branches or the entire top of the tree. Cutting off the heavily grown parts of the tree forces it to direct nutrients to other weaker parts. 

If the tree sends these essential nutrients to parts of the tree that are prone to breaking, it can eventually lead to decay. 

Improper Timing Can Welcome Diseases

One of the top tree wound care mistakes professional arborists see is people simply not pruning at the right time. Pruning at the wrong time can increase your tree’s exposure to the elements, like harsh winters.

Healthy tree pruning methods can vary among species, so timing isn’t the same for all trees. For instance, you can increase the risk of oak wilt disease by pruning an oak tree in the spring. 

Signs of Tree Pruning Damage

How can you tell if your tree is suffering damage due to bad pruning? Keep an eye out for these signs:

  • Stunted growth
  • Large wounds
  • Visible tree decay
  • Sunscald
  • Abnormal leaf growth

The best thing to do if you suspect any sort of damage to your tree is to reach out to local arborists. 

We Can Help with Correcting Bad Pruning Cuts in Cornelius, North Carolina

Avoiding tree pruning hazards requires you to be familiar with the different types of bad cuts and what they can do to your tree. Of course, the best way to ensure your tree receives proper care is by relying on professional arborists like our team at Ed Brooks Tree Service. 

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