Emergency Tree Removal Makes a Troutman, NC, Backyard Safer

When trees fall, they don’t always come crashing down. Sometimes, they land in such a way that they don’t cause any immediate damage but still create a hazard. That was the case for a Troutman, NC, homeowner who called Ed Brooks Tree Service about an exceptionally large tree that was in a precarious position.

  • Client Profile: Residential
  • Location: Troutman, NC
  • Type of Service: Fallen Tree Removal
  • Tree Size: Approx. 100-feet tall
  • Equipment/Products Used: Mini Skid Steer, Stump Grinder, Tree Chipper
  • Service Frequency: One Time Project
  • Season: Spring
  • Tree Type: Pine Tree
  • Additional Services: Stump grinding, total job cleanup, no debris left on the ground on the job site.
  • Client Preferences: the tree had fallen and was wedged precariously between two other trees. It was in the backyard and was a hazard to children if they were to play in the backyard.

Concerned Homeowner Calls Ed Brooks Tree Service for Professional Tree Removal in Troutman, NC

When a Troutman homeowner noticed a 100-foot-tall pine tree wedged between two other trees in their backyard, they knew immediately that they needed to call a tree removal service to safely bring it down. Because the homeowner has young children who play in the backyard, they needed a skilled team that could work quickly and remove the tree, the stump, and any other debris quickly to restore safety.

We were there right away to take care of the issues with tree trimming in Troutman, NC, eliminating the dangers while freeing up space in the yard.


Efficient Tree Cutting From the Top Tree Removal Company in Troutman

The Ed Brooks Tree Service team arrived at the property, ready to remove the fallen tree. Our experienced crew arrived with a mini skid steer, a stump grinder, and a chipper, and in a matter of hours, they were able to bring down the giant tree without causing any additional damage. By grinding the stump, we eliminated any remaining hazards and left the property clean.


A Case Study in How Tree Removal Protects Your Home and Family

When the pine tree fell in this homeowner’s backyard, they didn’t waste time looking for tree removal near me. Calling us first for emergency tree removal in Troutman, NC allows us to secure their property against further damage and potentially catastrophic injuries. We hope this case study shows you how important — and easy — it is to take care of a fallen tree with help from Ed Brooks Tree Service.


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