Ed Brooks Tree Service of Mooresville, NC, Completed a Large Tree Trimming and Pruning Job on a Towering Red Maple in Troutman, NC

A homeowner in Troutman, North Carolina, called about numerous tree limbs dangling over their property. Would a professional tree trimming service be enough, or would they need to hire an experienced large tree care company to remove the red maple? As the premier choice for large tree trimming and pruning in Troutman, NC, Ed Brooks Tree Service ticked all the right boxes for this project, including debris removal services.

The red maple trimming project needed great care to protect the property beneath
  • Client profile: Residential
  • Location: Troutman, North Carolina
  • Type of service: Large Tree Trimming and Pruning
  • Tree size: Approximately 100 feet tall
  • Equipment: Crane
  • Service frequency: One-time Project
  • Season: Spring
  • Tree type: Red Maple
  • Additional services: Total job cleanup and no debris on-site 
  • Client preferences: This large red maple had limbs overhanging the client’s home. The team needed a crane to trim and prune the tree’s potentially hazardous limbs.
The crane lifted the team high enough to safely reach the tree’s limbs and remove them one by one

Project Scope: Large Tree Trimming and Pruning in Troutman, NC, for Safety Reasons 

The client’s 100-foot-tall red maple tree had several large limbs precariously overhanging their roof and porch. One storm and these branches could be hazardous. The constant supply of dead maple leaves also meant potential long-term damage to the client’s roofing material and gutter system.

The highly experienced trimming and pruning experts from Ed Brooks Tree Service removed these limbs one by one and cleaned up the job site. The main challenge was the height. Safely completing the tree pruning and maintenance required precision to avoid property damage.

At 100 feet in the air, it’s safety first for this tree trimming in Troutman, NC

Project Execution: Carefully Targeted Tree Pruning Service in Troutman, NC

The experts tackled this project using a crane to reach the uppermost limbs. The tree care team from Mooresville, NC, employed a range of equipment to cut the branches and bring down each part without risking the client’s home, hardscapes, or plants below.

Upon completion of the project, the crew also removed the pruned branches, dead leaves, and twigs.

Final Outcome: Expert Tree Care Services for Improved Safety

The large tree trimming and pruning service went smoothly. This client could rest easy that no red maple branches or leaves would come crashing onto their home. As a premier choice for tree trimming in Troutman, NC, that’s the expected outcome.

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