Troutman, NC: Tree Removal After Storm Damage

After storm damage, a homeowner in Troutman, NC called Ed Brooks Tree Service for emergency tree removal. Because the tree fell on the home, it required precision and care during removal. The company completed the job without any collateral damage and left the client completely satisfied.


    Project Overview: Tree Removal in Troutman, NC

    • Client profile: Homeowner
    • Location: Troutman, NC
    • Season: Spring
    • Tree type: Oak
    • Type of service: Storm damage tree removal 
    • Tree size: The tree grew to a height of approximately 25 feet
    • Equipment and products used: Three-man crew and tree chipper
    • Service frequency: One-time project
    • Additional services: The client required total job cleanup and no debris left on the ground after the work.  
    • Client preferences: The client had a large tree fall onto their house which caused severe damage and they wanted the company to completely remove all debris from the home.

    Post-Storm-Damage Emergency Tree Removal in Troutman, NC

    The reason for the professional tree removal relied on the fact the tree fell on the home. It posed an imminent threat to the rest of the home and the family. At approximately 25 feet tall, the tree damaged a large section of the roof.

    The tree removal company determined they could effectively complete the job with a three-man crew. They used a combination of tree cutting and a tree chipper to complete the job without issue. With meticulous cleanup, the project left only minimal signs of disruption.

    Troutman Tree Removal: Overcoming Obstacles

    Because the tree posed a significant threat to the property, it required experienced tree removal service. The company had to avoid further damage to the home and ensure the safety of both the family and crew. 

    The crew completed the job without issue by relying on their extensive experience, knowledge, and special equipment which allowed the homeowners to begin their repairs. The meticulous clean-up also meant the insurance company and contractors could work without any threat to their own safety.

    Cleaning Up After Storm Damage: Creating a Satisfied Customer

    After a Troutman resident searched, “Tree removal near me,” they found Ed Brooks Tree Service and determined the company was the best option to help them recover from recent storm damage. The company completed the job both efficiently and without issue despite significant obstacles and safety concerns. The company’s dedication helped them form a lasting relationship with the client.

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