How Does Beech Leaf Disease Spread in Mooresville, NC?

April 12, 2024

Tree disease can take down even the oldest and sturdiest of trees, especially if you don’t address it soon enough. Even a minor tree disease like beech leaf disease can cause significant damage to your beech trees, so how does beech leaf disease spread?

If you want to learn more about the spread of beech leaf disease, then allow Ed Brooks Tree Service, a leading tree service specialist in Mooresville, NC, to explain everything you need to know. 

What Is Beech Leaf Disease?

Beech leaf disease is a tree condition that spreads via a microscopic nematode, one that kills any beech species of tree it interacts with. Beech leaf disease propagation limits include all beech trees, no matter the sub-species. Its symptoms include dark, irregular banding, stiff crinkled leaves, and yellow coloration. 

How Does Beech Leaf Disease Spread?

Since it is a recent discovery, we don’t know much about beech leaf disease dissemination. While researchers understand that nematodes are to blame for the spread of the disease, the mechanism of beech leaf disease spread is a mystery. Unfortunately, the spreading of beech leaf disease makes trees more susceptible to disease, making them weakened and more prone to infection.

How To Prevent Beech Leaf Disease Transmission

While we still don’t fully know the answer to the question, “How does beech leaf disease spread?” tree lovers can take a few preventative measures to protect their trees and keep them healthy.

Don’t Purchase Beech Trees

Since this disease only impacts beech trees, the best thing to do is to not purchase any new specimens. The signs of beech leaf disease are subtle, so you may not notice them while considering a new purchase of your land. If you accidentally plant a beech tree with this condition, the spread from one beech tree to another would not take long.

Don’t Move Beech Trees

If you have uninfected beech trees in your yard or garden, don’t move them. Moving them to other gardens where other beech trees grow may risk the possibility of infection. If you absolutely must move your trees, scout the beech trees in the area to ensure yours remain healthy.

Improve Your Trees’ Resilience

If you suspect your trees could be at risk for infection, give them a chance to fight back. Giving your trees deep root fertilizer can help improve their health. A healthy tree, while not completely immune to the disease, has a better chance of resisting it.

Work With Ed Brooks Tree Service for Top-Tier Service in Mooresville, NC

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