How Long Do Trees Last in Mooresville, NC?

March 12, 2024

How long do trees last in optimal conditions? Can trees be functionally immortal?

Tree longevity is a tricky concept because each species has different needs and factors that shape its life. Factors like the environment and external elements like tree cutting and weather can change how many years trees last. If you want to learn more about tree lifespans, allow a highly rated tree service in Mooresville, NC, to get into expert detail concerning tree life expectancy and how to preserve it.

Calculating the Lifespan of Trees

The duration trees live can range anywhere from over 20 or so years to up in the thousands. Tree lifespans found in India and California have lived well beyond sets of thousands, all because they’ve repeatedly encountered good climates and a lack of external factors that would kill them. According to arborists, one of the oldest trees alive is the Great Basin Bristlecone Pine, reaching a mighty age of 5,000 years old.

 If you want to determine the age of a tree, there are a few ways you can go about estimating tree lifespans:

Count the growth rings in a fallen tree.

  • Count growth rings using an increment borer to extract a section of living tree wood.
  • Carbon dating.

What Changes the Lifespan of a Tree?

Fruit-bearing trees like apple, peach, or pear can have lifespans of up to 100 years, while trees like pine, palm, or ash can live almost four times as long. How long do trees last when not touched by man or insects? The following can influence a tree’s lifespan, regardless of species:

  • Space: Trees need enough space to grow, for roots and the trunk as they scale upward.
  • Sun: Trees need sunlight to live, so it can be hard for new trees to grow in dense forests with a lot of shade.
  • Pruning: Dead or unhealthy wood needs to be pruned from time to time, an act done not only by humans but also by nature via wind and rain.
  • Water: Trees need significant water to grow, making instances like drought or an overabundance of competition deadly to most species.

When a tree meets an untimely end, it is often due to external factors. Insects, humans, fires, or other natural disasters can mean the end for a tree with an otherwise healthy lifespan.

Are Trees Immortal?

Without humans to use them, would trees simply live forever? Unfortunately, trees aren’t immortal. However, they are heavily independent if given the right conditions, often dying in response to external factors such as humans cutting them down or insects taking them over. Without human intervention, how long do trees last? They can last for hundreds of years in the right conditions. Stress cracks in trees can also contribute to their decline over time, but with proper care and maintenance, their lifespan can be extended significantly.

If you want to learn more about tree preservation or have a need for tree removal, pruning, or plant healthcare to preserve or transplant your trees, consider reaching out to Ed Brooks Tree Service, serving Mooresville, NC. Call (704) 528-3007 or email us at for more information on how we can help the health of your trees.

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