How To Move a Tree Without Killing It in Statesville, NC?

June 12, 2024

Do you ever wish a tree on your property was in a slightly different location? It is possible to move a tree from one location to another. But you need to know how to move a tree without killing it or otherwise injuring it. 

Ed Brooks Tree Service provides customers with top-notch tree removal in Statesville, NC. Follow our tips to learn how to move a tree without killing it.

The Right Way To Move a Tree 

While it’s best to enlist the help of a professional arborist when moving a tree, these are the general steps required: 

#1 Dormant Trees Handle Transfers Better

A tree remains dormant from late fall to early spring. Therefore, schedule your tree move for this time of year. That way, your tree will be more likely to thrive and provide positive environmental outcomes.

#2 Prune the Tree’s Roots for Easier Removal

Get a handle on the root system by pruning the roots a few months before moving the tree. Cut the small tendrils on the tree’s outer edge and avoid severing larger tendrils in the root ball. This step proves essential if you worry about how to move a tree without killing it.

#3 Water the Tree Before Moving It

Watering a tree keeps it healthy during the move. An industry rule of thumb is to begin watering the soil around the tree three days before moving it. Focusing on the root ball keeps the soil together during the dig. 

#4 Choose a Site Before Uprooting the Tree

Choose the spot with plenty of sunlight and drainage ahead of time. Choosing a spot for replanting after removing the tree might amplify costs for rented tree removal equipment. It’s also a tree safety hazard to keep a tree that wants to start planting its roots waiting, pun intended.

#5 Dig the Hole Before Uprooting the Tree

Digging the hole first prevents time delays and budget increases. Transferring the tree will be much easier, too. It prevents crowding your yard and safety risks from an unplanted tree.

The hole should allow the tree to sit at the same depth as it previously sat in your yard. You may have to adjust the hole slightly after uprooting the tree to ensure the right fit. 

#6 Take Care When Digging and Replanting

Remove dirt from the root ball, wrapping natural burlap and twine around it to maintain its shape. Plant it in the new hole and fill the area around it with the soil you removed earlier. Then water the soil thoroughly. 

If You’re Ready To Move a Tree in Statesville, Contact Us Soon

Stop panicking about how to move a tree without killing it. Whether you need help moving a tree or want to know the signs of a dead tree, our arborists can assist you.

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