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When you head out to see the sights in Concord, observe nature’s beauty at Frank Liske Park when fishing or miniature golfing. You can also take in the breathtaking foliage at Memorial Gardens or tee off at Rocky River Golf Club, where the city preserves the landscape. However, to keep your property in just as tip-top shape, consider a tree service in Concord, NC, and the nearby areas.

Our five-star tree service company, Ed Brooks Tree Service, offers tree and shrub care with the intent to provide trusted, safe, and lasting solutions. So, for a one-stop shop for all your foliage needs, reach out for any of the services below.

Tree Trimming in Concord, NC

Have you ever noticed how a few dying branches bring down your tree’s aesthetics and, therefore, the look of your property? Unfortunately, it does a lot more since slowly decaying limbs continue to absorb nutrients and water without giving leaves or flower buds in return. Instead, it takes away food from healthy areas and trees. 

So, remove any eyesores and keep your tree strong and fertile with tree trimming in Concord, NC, which also helps with:

  • Reshaping tree heads
  • Thinning out dense foliage
  • Keeping foliage away from nearby structures
  • Promoting healthier growth

However, if the problem advances, with dead branches now serving as a refuge for pests, fungi, and bacteria, your care services may try tree pruning with major cuts that eradicate infected areas.

Tree Removal in Concord, NC

If even tree pruning can’t save a tree from dying, a care company may have no choice but to conduct a tree removal in Concord, NC. Using advanced techniques and tools like rigging equipment, climbers, and bulldozers, the specialists remove limbs and take the tree apart from the top down.

Afterward, so they don’t leave you with a hideous stump that could become a liability, the experts conduct root extraction tree service in Concord, NC, to cut all the major roots and pull the stump free. They then fill the hole to level the ground and grind the stump into mulch.

Emergency Tree Service in Concord, NC

An accredited tree service team also understands you can’t schedule all services in advance. When a storm leaves a tree leaning against your home or blocking the entrance to your commercial building or parking lot, you need a company to come out immediately to chop it up and tow it away. The arborists should tape off the area for the safety of passersby before cleaning up the storm damage.

Even if your tree hasn’t fallen over, contact a specialist if your tree is leaning or you see other signs of damage. They’ll remove weakened trees before they become a hazard.

For Over 30 Years of Experience!

When you need a tree service in Concord, NC, it’s difficult to trust just anyone. Our team is comprised of the brightest in the business, each certified member with years of experience. We’re also licensed and insured, keeping you safe while ensuring a job well done, so call (704) 528-3007 for a free estimate on tree and shrub services today!

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