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North Charlotte has a humid subtropical climate, paving the way for hot summers that range up to 90 degrees. The high humidity (and three to four inches of monthly rainfall mixed in with the scorching temperature) makes the environment muggier than most residents like. However, tree and shrub foliage tend to thrive off of it, which makes the occasional tree service in North Charlotte, NC, a must.

When you need licensed and insured arborists with regular five-star reviews, trust Ed Brooks Tree Service for the following services and more. Each of our accredited tree specialist has a certification, making them the best at what they do.

Tree Trimming in North Charlotte, NC

Tree trimming in North Charlotte, NC, means making minor adjustments to your tree’s crown to maintain a uniform, appealing shape. While you may think this doesn’t sound like much, trained experts with a thorough understanding of plant biology take this time to identify plant flaws to boost aesthetics.

That includes thinning out the greenery if improper air circulation and sun filtration cause dead or dying leaves and limbs deep within the crown’s core. The thinning process allows all foliage to receive the nutrients and moisture it needs to grow while reducing the chances of pests, infections, and fungi.

Pruning, however, is a tree service in North Charlotte, NC, that includes chopping off dead, dying, or diseased branches to prevent bacteria from spreading throughout the tree and across your landscape.

Tree Removal in North Charlotte, NC

Sometimes, you need more to come down than just some branches. If a tree pops up on your driveway or at least close enough to obstruct your view, you’ll need tree removal in North Charlotte, NC. These care services also help if storm damages harmed a tree enough to make it a safety hazard or if pests and infections have caused irreversible deterioration that deem the tree unsavable.

In most cases, you need professionals to take down the towering structure before it falls. An expert arborist uses modern techniques and top-tier equipment like hatchets, chainsaws, and climbers to cut up the tree before implementing their clean-up services.

Emergency Tree Service in North Charlotte, NC

But what about when a tree incident comes without warning? According to Risk Factor, about 93% of Charlotte homes are at risk of a hurricane or tornado, whether mild or severe. All it takes is high winds to bring down even the healthiest trees, and when it does, it leaves you needing emergency tree service in North Charlotte, NC.

An experienced tree care company offers 24/7 assistance to remove fallen trees from commercial and residential estates. After chopping up the tree, towing away the pieces, and cleaning up, you regain full access to your property.

For a Five-Star Tree Service Company!

When you need shrub care or tree service in North Charlotte, NC, don’t take on the strenuous and dangerous task yourself. From trimming to felling, trust our 30 years of experience and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Call Ed Brooks Tree Service at (704) 528-3007 for a free estimate today!

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