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Sherrills Ford, which is a census-designated area that is just off the western shore of Lake Norman, is known for its many bodies of water and lakefront properties. However, they wouldn’t provide much of a view without River Birches, Sweetgums, Loblolly Pines, and Red Maple North Carolina trees lining the banks. If your property houses some of these trees, you’ll need reliable tree service in Sherrills Ford, NC.

The qualified staff at Ed Brooks Tree Service undergoes regular training and has over three decades of experience. So, when you need any of the following tree services, reach out to our accredited tree specialists.

Tree Trimming in Sherrills Ford, NC

Trimming a tree is about more than cutting branches so they don’t hit your house or power line. Tree trimming in Sherrills Ford, NC, is about cutting off dead and dying limbs for a better appearance and healthy foliage. That’s because not only can dry, bare twigs look unsightly between surrounding lush tree areas, but they also pave the way for diseases and pests that affect the entire tree and nearby greenery.

Tree and shrub pruning also helps thin out foliage that is too dense, which would otherwise contribute to little circulation and sunlight reaching the inner leaves. In doing so, these care services encourage healthy and strong growth and reduce the chances of infection.

Tree Removal in Sherrills Ford, NC

Unfortunately, there are times when a tree removal in Sherrills Ford, NC, becomes necessary, whether because the tree is dying or blocks an area during a landscape renovation. Whatever the cause, you need a licensed and certified team to safely take down the giant to prevent property damage and harm to those nearby.

The arborists should use state-of-the-art tools, equipment, and gear, from climbers and bulldozers to hard hats and construction boots when conducting this tree service in Sherrills Ford, NC. After felling is complete, the care company should provide eco-friendly cleanup services where they either grind up the remains for decomposition or send it to a wood yard.

Emergency Tree Service in Sherrills Ford, NC

An emergency tree service in Sherrills Ford, NC, differs from a removal since it usually comprises ridding a property of an already fallen tree likely downed by age, disease, or a storm. Most companies offer 24-hour services, quickly mobilizing a crew and equipment to chop the tree up into sections and drag it away. That way, you and others can access a residence or commercial building without obstacles.

When You Need a Team That’s a Cut Above the Rest, Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out!

Our tree service company believes tree services are more than maintenance and repairs: They’re an art form that affects your landscape and property safety. So, whether you need shrub care, tree felling, or anything in between, contact us.

At Ed Brooks Tree Service, our locally owned and operated team of skilled professionals, each with relevant certifications, provides each client with the appropriate tree service in Sherrills Ford, NC, and the surrounding areas. Call (704) 528-3007 for a free estimate today!

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