What To Do About Stress Cracks in Trees in Mooresville, NC

April 27, 2024

Have you noticed sinister-looking lines creeping along the trunk of your favorite backyard tree? Those are probably stress cracks. They’re not just a blow to your specimen’s appearance—they could signal underlying tree health issues. 

As a trusted tree service in Mooresville, NC, we at Ed Brooks Tree Service have seen and tackled various arboreal issues, from the most benign to the downright alarming. Keep reading as we discuss the steps you can take to keep your tree healthy and thriving.

What Are Stress Cracks?

Tree stress fractures form when internal or external pressure causes wood to split. They usually look like long, single splits that run through the bark. The cracks may look shallow or penetrate deep into the roots, branches, or trunk.

Trees can typically heal these on their own through a natural process called compartmentalization. It involves creating barriers around the wounded area to prevent decay or infection from spreading. 

The Leading Causes of Cracks in Tree Bark

Stress cracks in trees typically remain visible, even when completely healed. The best way you can maintain a pristine appearance for specimens begins by preventing these mishaps before they happen:

Lightning Strikes

Even non-lethal strikes will weaken the sturdiest trees over time, so it pays to install lightning protection systems for your yard. 

Fungal Infections 

Fungal organisms are often the silent culprits behind cracks in tree bark. They typically penetrate through existing wounds and thrive on the tree’s resources. Over time, they weaken the tree’s integrity by hollowing out its internal structure. 

Keeping your specimens healthy ensures you can easily prevent fungal attacks. Fertilize when necessary and conduct deep, regular watering, especially during those dry seasons.

Insect Infestation 

Emerald ash borer and other wood boring insects create tunneling inside trees and compacting frass in their galleries. The pressure buildup leads to tree trunk fissures and significant internal damage over time.

Do you spot insect activity or suspicious exit holes in the bark? Seek expert assistance to identify and manage the problem promptly. The infestation can spread to nearby trees when left unchecked.

Poor Branch Attachments

Trees can sometimes grow in ways that cause their own architecture to become a problem. Double leaders or V-shaped branch forks will likely split when subjected to strong winds or heavy snowfall. 

Strategic pruning, especially in the early stages of a tree’s life, can help shape its structure for better resistance and load distribution.


Your Go-To Tree Structural Damage Specialists in Mooresville 

If you suspect your tree can’t heal on its own, don’t wait for it to become a safety hazard. Let our crew at Ed Brooks Tree Service conduct a tree damage assessment. 

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